Classic Singles #8: Scorpio Tube – White Birches / Yellow Listen (1970)

Accidental mind explosion, temperamental mind erosion…”

Scorpio Tube_labelI can’t tell you too much about this band I’m afraid. The single was issued on a Hollywood label so they are thought to be from California. It is an ultra-rarity – I saw a copy change hands in a London record shop for £1,800. Crazy money!

It is the b-side ‘Yellow Listen’ which is the star here with its lo-fi atmosphere, chaotic lead guitar, and tripped out lyrics. Some jarring piano is thrown in at the end for good measure.

The a-side ‘White Birches’ has not made a compilation appearance, which is a shame as it is a more than pleasant slice of soulful psychedelia with fuzz/wah-wah guitar and swirling organ.

‘Yellow Listen’

‘White Birches’

Assuming you don’t want to re-mortgage your house, the easiest way to get hold of ‘Yellow Listen’ is on the recent Past and Present CD reissue of the Psychedelic Disaster Whirl compilation originally put out in the 80s.


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