Now Sounds #1: The Hypnotic Eye

Hypnotic EyeI did promise in my Welcome post to feature new acts that are keeping the sounds of the 60s alive in the 21st Century. Let’s start with a band that I have seen a couple of times live now,  The Hypnotic Eye from Richmond in London – supporting John’s Children (Andy Ellison and a young backing band but still very enjoyable) and Purson (another top new band that seem inspired by early 70s heavy rock with a hint of late 60s psych thrown in for good measure).

The Hypnotic Eye’s high energy, garage revival sound is mighty infectious and I would urge you to check them out if they play near you. They have two singles out with their own tunes on the a-sides and more than creditable covers of The Omens’ ‘Searching’ and The Human Expression’s ‘Readin’ Your Will’ on the flips. You can download ‘em from iTunes now and support the band. An album is on the way – I can’t wait!

  •  Marianne / Searching (2012)
  • Satisfaction / Readin’ Your Will (2012)

Here is the video for their latest single:


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