Classic Singles #1: The Stereo Shoestring – On the Road South / Tell Her No (1968)

StereoShoestring_labelLet’s start with a top drawer masterpiece!

The Stereo Shoestring were a Corpus Christi, TX band who were briefly together in 1968 and released this lone 45, recorded at ACA Studio in Houston.

‘On the Road South’ takes the heavy fuzz riff from The Pretty Things’ ‘Defecting Grey’ and adds screaming lead guitar and a sense of impending psychedelic doom to create one of the all time great acid punk sides.

‘Tell Her No’ can only suffer in comparison but is a listenable (if far more mainstream) cover of the 1965 Zombies’ song. It does add a garage edge to the poppy original though.

‘On the Road South’

‘Tell Her No’

StereoShoestring_bandThe single has sold for approaching $700 on eBay, but the a-side has been included on many compilations. I first heard it on the legendary Acid Dreams album and this is now available in CD format as Acid Dreams Testament. The b-side is, as far as I know, yet to be compiled.

The band reformed as Red House in 1969 and the b-side of their only single ‘Sunflower / Mary Anne’ uses the same melody as ‘On the Road South’ minus the psychedelic delirium.


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