The endless journey begins…

PaisleysWelcome to a new blog dedicated to exploring garage and psychedelic music from its beginnings in the mid 1960s up to the present day. The focus will be on classic singles and, wherever possible, you will be able to stream both sides of the 45. Some selections might be familiar, others woefully obscure, but all will be top notch wig-lifters! Some sides won’t have made it to compilations as yet, so hopefully there will be surprises along the way for even the diehard enthusiast.

And though the emphasis will be on the classics, contemporary bands will not be neglected. It seems that in each generation there will always be discerning young people who discover these wild sounds, connect with them, and are inspired to make their own music. And at the moment we are going through a purple patch of great new acts.

Why Cosmic Mind at Play you ask? Well, it is the name of an album by a band called The Paisleys from Minneapolis that was released back in 1970. Catchy title, suitably freaky cover and at least one sublime slice of psychedelia contained within its grooves: ‘Now’, which you can listen to below.



3 thoughts on “The endless journey begins…

    • Hi mjb – thanks for your comment. I have begun my Cosmic Trip Machine adventure by downloading the Lord Space Devil album from the band website. Looking forward to checking that out. Also, very interested to see that parts 3 & 4 of the Book of Am have been completed and are going to be released this year. Great stuff!

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